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Ahmadi Nohadani S, Zanganeh Shahraki H. Geopolitical Explanation Necessity of Tehran Urban Management at Global Class Scale. GeoRes 2017; 31 (4) :111-126
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1- Department Political Geography,Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran ,
2- Department Political Geography,Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran
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Development requires production of wealth and this is dependent on economic growth in a competitive space. Spatial distribution of wealth, population and the independence amount of big cities are now affected by globalization processes all over the world. One of the consequences of globalization is that the domain of intercity relationship and urban networks has improved to international level. One of the fundamental problems of Iran is local thinking and lack of global thinking. The geopolitical changes of recent decades have been so fast that they have surprised political decision makers and have actuated them to adopt reactive approaches to deal with them. Regularization and management of Tehran as the capital and main center of government in Iran and given the roll that it plays in the region and the world, it can not be free of global developments and out of globalization processes. Any attempt at optimal management of Tehran would not be successful without attendance to the components and features of globalization. 


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