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Assessment of watershed Tectonic Activities in Southwest Side of Sabalan by Geomorphologic Characteristics
Masomeh Rajabi 1, Mir Ebrahim Hashemian 2
1- Professor, Department of Geomorphology University of Tabriz, Iran
2- Ph.D Student, Department of Geomorphology University of Tabriz, Iran
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Assessment of watershed tectonic activities is interesting for earth science researchers, especially tectonic geomorphology. In this regard, different methods have been used by researchers. These methods have been constantly developing and they consist a range of Geomorphometric methods, remote sensing, Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and other advanced techniques. In this study the remote sensing methods, Digital Elevation Model and geomorphic indicators (in the form of TecDem) were used to evaluate tectonic activity in southwest side of Sabalan Mountain. To determine the boundary of drainage basins Arc Hydro Model was used. The indices of concavity (Ѳ), slope (S), Iso Base Map and the profile of distribution slope with regression of log Networks were extracted from Digital Elevation Model and then the tectonics uplift rate of basins was calculated by using Stream Power Model. By using morphometric parameters and geomorphic indicators such as Transverse topographic symmetry factor (T), Stream Length-gradient index (SL) and Hypsometric integral (HI) in TecDem Model; Tectonic activities were evaluated in the studied basins. The results of the extracted components (i. e. distribution logarithmic regression of networks and slope, skewness values, Hypsometric integral, Iso Base Map, knick points and steepness and uplift rates proved dominance of active tectonic in the studied basins. So that the uplift tectonic rate is 0.33 to 0.51 mm/yr. Also, low indices of concavity (0.24 to 0.45) and high values of maximum gradient (80.6 to 132.2 percent) confirm the existence of high tectonic activity in study area. Accordingly, the results of surveys and morphotectonic evidences such as linear valleys, reverse fault scarps in Tajyar and Aghmiyun basins, the Shutter and liner rides along the Aghmiyun and Tajyar networks, replacement of Fan apex and diversion of networks caused by fault activity in southwest of Sabalan; prove the presence of active tectonics and good efficacy of TecDEM Model in evaluation of Tectonic Activities in study area.

Keywords: Morphotectonics, Digital Elevation Models, Geomorphic Indicators, Sabalan, TecDem Model
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Type of Study: Research | Subject: Special
Received: 2017/06/13 | Accepted: 2017/06/13 | Published: 2017/06/13
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